A Part / Apart is a platform for art, design, and shared experience. 

A Part / Apart is Diana Lang and collaborators that share a complimentary vision of design and experience.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY all goods are produced in the USA.

A Part / Apart  is about two paths, two sides of an experience. The personal, private understanding and discovery of a creative vision fulfilled, and the contrasting, more collaborative, concept where everyone has an individual hand: a conversation around a table, or the cooking of a meal. Each has its complications and rewards. Creating a menu around a precise theme is parallel to development of a print collection; therein is tension, balance, a running thread – and most importantly, surprise.



“Dinnertime series is a collection of dining linens and home goods. The textile prints draw on a year of monthly dinner parties and what is discarded during the preparation. Tomato seeds, corn silk, and marrow bones are literally left behind on the table. These ingredient discards are scanned, reduced to one color and manipulated into a repeating print that pays homage to the cooking of the meal. The first guest to name the ingredient and the guest to make the biggest mess on the table paper got the much-coveted honor of our admiration. DINNERTIME brought friends together every month despite it all and provided me with a quick cycle of ideas, planning, execution and documentation. There was constant collaboration with my husband, Lucky Preksto, and the friends that would “guest chef”. The idea is simple: have dinner with your friends on a regular basis. Elevation came from the intentionality of the themes and the repetition of forms – original artwork for table coverings and invitations.”


Selected prints are now silkscreened onto dining linens and home goods: DINNERTIME goods.

Each DINNERTIME good is packaged with a recipe card from that month's dinner; the BONES print from September's The Sweeter the Meat displays the leftover marrow bones and features a recipe card for Beef Heart Tartare. 

Often a product can be void of an apparent history but the DINNERTIME goods's mission is to illuminate the narrative of it's creation.